Gift ideas for Christmas
29 Oct 2019

Gift ideas for Christmas

The beauty of gifting jade to a friend, a colleague or a loved-one is so often an expression that comes from the heart – a desire to gift something truly personal and meaningful.

We see first-hand those goose bump moments when someone receives their gift and we know the stone has chosen them. But we also know that part of that story is the extra thought that has gone in to choosing the perfect piece.




We’ve put together our top 5 things to consider when purchasing, to help you.


1. The meaning in the design

Each of our designs has it’s own meaning. The twist represents intertwined pikopiko ferns and symbolises the bond between people. The koru resembles the unfurling frond of the New Zealand silver fern and depicts new beginnings. While the toki blade is associated with great strength.

Some of our pieces combine more than one meaning. Read more about our meanings and designs or see our most loved designs


The meaning in the design


2. Who is the gift for?

The stature, frame and personality of the person you are buying for will of course play a large part in what you chose.

You may have decided you wish to purchase a heart as an expression of love, for example. But while a large statement piece might perfectly suit one person, for another it may be something more delicate, more elegant.

Sometimes a gift that can be shared between two people is exactly the right gift.

Gifts for her
Gifts for him
Gifts for kids
Gifts to share

You should also know that we sell "traditional" corded pendants, but are world-leaders in silver and gold jade jewellery. We sell jade necklaces, earrings and rings which becomes a special, contemporary, modern and classy way to way jade.


3. The perfect stone choice

The beauty of jade is that it comes from nature and the palette of colours is vast. Stone from different corners of the world, even different parts of the same stone can vary with extremes from deep, dark moody greens and blacks to limey or flower (yellow) jade specific to New Zealand stone.

Translucence, gradience, mottled – whatever the appearance, find something that you fall in love with. Is this right for them? Take time to let the stone speak to you and you will certainly make the right choice.

New Zealand Pounamu (Greenstone)
Australian Black Jade


4. The hands that made it

Each of our pendants is carved by a real person, and you can read more about them and view each of our incredible artists here.

As you learn their story and what draws them to carving, and as you explore their work, you will grow a connection with them. This is a labour of love for these artists and gifting their art to a loved one is, in a way, a gift to them too and carrying their work forward.

Hannah Sheehan

Hannah Sheehan (pictured)
Tamaora Walker
Tim Steel
James Pirika
View all our artists


5. Know what's within reach

We understand price plays a part even if the gift you are purchasing is special, so we have created a series of collections designed to help you find pieces within reach. You can also sort our collections by price and filter by price range.

You should know that generally our New Zealand stone starts at around $100, so a good place to look if you are on a budget is our under $200 collection or our corded bracelets provide a great alternative way of wearing NZ stone.

That said, we have some incredible pieces under $100 and this is often where people shopping for kids begin their search.

Shopping for Jade by price

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Gifts under $200
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