Forging special connections. Buying jade for children.
21 Nov 2019

Forging special connections. Buying jade for children.

Buying jade for children is a truly beautiful act and permits us the opportunity to gift something that will be with them - close to their heart - for a lifetime.

For anyone who has worn jade, the connection to the stone is real; it's palpable and holds significance.

You carry with you everything the stone represents when you wear it. This includes your connection to the person who gave the piece, the reason it was gifted, the meaning behind the design and of course the very essence of the stone itself. It's hard to imagine another gift that carries with it such consideration and meaning.

Grandfather and grandson wear greenstone

When you wear greenstone (pounamu) you are always connected to your loved ones. Though the moments shared pass, and time fades the memory, the stone carries with it those special times as a physical reminder. An unbreakable bond.


Packaging for Generations

When you buy from us, we will post your gift to you in mailer bag that is made from fully recyclable stone paper (that uses limestone instead of trees). We will package the item in a low-ink card box, packed out with environmentally friendly recycled paper. So when you buy from us, not only are you gifting something for future generations, you are making a better choice about the world they grow up in.

We are committed to front-footing sustainability choices and want to be held accountable for our choices. It's a journey, but we will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to get there.

Children wearing greenstone

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