Packaging for Generations
15 Oct 2021

Packaging for Generations

Ensuring we are as respectful as we can be to the environment while endeavouring to teach the beauty of jade, is something we will continue to work on as a business, constantly looking for ways we can improve on our practice and share our jade stories. Carving for Generations is our way of explaining how we do businesses, stones that last, and packaging that does the least to harm the environment.

This is precisely what we had in mind when looking at the redesign of our packaging. Although we are not perfect, we tried to ensure we had the least environmental impact as possible, again, working with suppliers that share this similar viewpoint.


Pictured: An example of what a typical order will look like before making it's way to you.

Standard Service

Jewellery box and web box

Your piece will come in either a black branded jewellery box or an oatmeal non-branded jewellery box. This will be securely placed in a brown low-ink, recyclable card shipping boxes (used to protect the piece in transit - pictured below). Any packaging used to hold your piece securely inside this shipping box is made from either recycled and recyclable paper, or tissue.

Mountain Jade Paper Packaging

Meaning Cards

Another really important element, that we find people love to know more about, is the meanings behind each symbol. With the traditional pieces we carve, there is always a meaning that is steeped in tradition and sharing these meanings with our customers is one way we share our knowledge and love for jade and the cultures that come with it. Our meanings and designs cards come when you choose a pendant design that has a specific meaning associated with it and acts as a reminder of the connotations and meanings behind your piece.

Mountain Jade Artist Profile Packaging

When it comes to passing on our passion for the stone, sometimes the best and most treasured way to do this is to ensure our customers know exactly what they’re purchasing and where it came from. We have put together these artist profile cards that tell the customer about the person or group of people that were responsible for their pendant. All the artists we work with pour their heart and soul into the pieces they create, so giving them a face for the customer is something that is truly important for us.


We've opted for home compostable mailers by r3pack, that are made from plants and are plastic-free. These new bags are a fantastic, proven, durable bag that we are confident will get your product to you without ripping. By keeping the cost of our mailers low, it means we can still subsidise the cost of postage, keeping this as low as possible for you.

Mountain Jade Mailers

Premium Gift Wrapping Service

We offer a Premium Gift Wrapping service, available at the checkout. We understand that when you gift something so special, it may be important to you that the person receiving it has the full gift experience.

You gift will be sent wrapped in premium kraft wrap with jute ribbon, and a personal hand written message of your choice.

Premium Gift Wrapping shown with pounamu earrings

Mountain Jade Gift, packaged for him

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