The effortless form of the koru
06 Dec 2019

The effortless form of the koru

If there is one design that resonates with our people more than any other; one shape that sings from such effortless form, it’s the koru.

They say there is beauty in simplicity and it's nature itself that creates this spiral pattern we lovingly know as the koru.

Jade Koru Necklace

Pictured: One of our koru corded necklaces.

Like our jade, the koru is formed by nature

The young furled fronds of native New Zealand ferns remain tightly coiled within a single head which holds its mystery within a tightly closed embrace. That is, until such a time that it chooses to gracefully unfurl, revealing the many beautiful young fronds which are now destined to become spectacular silver ferns towering over New Zealand’s native forest. These fronds emerging as joyous, vivid green koru patterns adorn the landscape with their spellbinding allure.

The koru is deeply symbolic for New Zealanders - the pattern impressing a sense of attachment to their homeland and the koru is a design evident in Maori culture dating back centuries; adorning the architecture of Maori meeting houses (Marae).

And for others - those who have fallen in love with this magical place - this design allows them to wear a piece of something identifiably New Zealand, with them always so they never forget this place.

Beyond any association the design has with the land, the koru by its very nature represents new beginnings, life, and for many, hope. The idea of a continuation of all things and that even in life’s most difficult moments there is the unseen - the beauty that under the surface something new is happening, something magical for us all to perceive, to anticipate and to revere.

Koru Jewellery

Pictured: Our range of koru jewellery necklaces.


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