Jade Bracelets
02 Jun 2019

The unique beauty of our jade corded bracelets

We have a beautiful range of New Zealand pounamu plaited bracelets to buy online, designed by our kiwi-based artists such as Alex Sands, Kyohei Noguchi and Sheree Warren. These unisex designs come in a range of different colour cords, with variations in size and style. We also stock some corded bracelets made from British Columbian (Canadian) stone.

Every piece of stone used to craft each bracelet is slightly different. That is the joy of working with a material that comes from nature! Each one unique in its properties, textures and tones; from deep, rich teals and sea greens as if depicting the depths of the ocean, through to soft limey translucence and handsome yellows of flower jade.

On the bracelets page, our product photographers have shot one of each style. This is to help you chose your favourite whilst showcasing what you might expect to receive. However, these are indicative photographs. Whilst for most items on our website, you are receiving the exact piece you see in our photography, for our corded jade bracelets you will be receiving a hand-selected item lovingly chosen for you - one of the same colour cord, and style and price - but with its own character and individual qualities, straight from nature.

The stone colour and pattern will vary, and there will be some minor variations in size, but we are sure you will love the piece you receive.

Jade Corded Bracelets

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