Choosing greenstone jewellery
08 Dec 2020

Choosing greenstone jewellery

We often get asked what should be considered when choosing a piece of greenstone jewellery as a gift for a loved one. So we've put together this short guide to help you navigate our unique collection of handcrafted jade jewellery and find the perfect piece. 

We love working with talented New Zealand jewellers from across Aotearoa including Hannah Sheehan, Josey Coyle, John Sheehan Snr, Cal Wagenaar and Jewels of the Earth, to bring together one of the country's finest collections of premium quality contemporary greenstone jewellery. 


 Greenstone koru gold chain


Jewellery with meaning 

A great place to start when thinking about buying greenstone as a gift is to consider the meaning you want it to portray. We combine many of our traditional designs such as the koru, twist and heart with gold and silver to create elegant jewellery necklaces, which are steeped in meaning. For example, the koru represents growth and new beginnings, the twist symbolises a strong bond between loved ones and, of course, the heart simply portrays feelings of love and affection. You can explore the meanings behind our designs here. Your necklace will also come with a meaning card (where available) and an artist profile.  

By choosing a design meaning which speaks to your loved one, you can then go on to browse our collection of these beautiful carvings paired with 18ct gold, diamond and sterling silver bales - instead of a traditional black cord. Perfect for jewellery lovers and those who prefer a contemporary look. 

Pictured below: One of our gold bale diamond koru necklaces, a silver bale pounamu twist, and a gold bale diamond hei matau

greenstone jewellery 

Greenstone koru with diamond bale and gold chain

Pictured above: One of our gold bale diamond koru necklaces.


Jewellery Style

When gifting greenstone jewellery, you should also consider the jewellery style of your friend or loved one. Are they usually jewellery minimalists, or do they always wear bold and powerful pieces? Their regular style choices will help you navigate our collections. 


Statement Jewellery

If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves to showcase their personality and style with bold, eye-catching and unique pieces of jewellery then you should explore the statement works by artists Josey Coyle, Hannah Sheehan and John Sheehan Snr

We reserve some of the finest quality stone, and work with a limited number New Zealand's very best carvers and jewellers, to create exceptional greenstone statement pieces. These are creations that truly push the boundaries with contemporary jade jewellery. 

Expertise and dedication to the craft is required to produce these extraordinary pieces, and we love nothing more than sharing the latest work from these artists which you can find here.

Pictured below: New Zealand pounamu triple bead necklace by John Sheehan Snr.

pounamu jewellery

jade jewellery by josey coyle

Pictured above: New Zealand pounamu contemporary petal and New Zealand pounamu unfurling leaf pendant by Josey Coyle.

Pictured below: New Zealand pounamu dropCanadian jade Rock Ring and New Zealand pounamu block ring by Hannah Sheehan.

 jade jewellery by Hannah Sheehan



Dainty and Minimal Jewellery

If you're friend or loved one usually wears subtle pieces of jewellery then you should explore our Dainty and Minimal handcrafted jewellery collection. These barely-there pieces make beautiful gifts which can be worn every day, with every outfit and for every occasion. They are also great for layering with other jewellery favourites for a chic and modern look, and are popular with our younger customers from 18-30 years! Prices generally range from $68-$298, and you can explore the full collection here

Pictured below: Pieces from our Dainty and Minimal Collection


 jade jewellery small

 small greenstone jewellery

 Pictured above: Jewellery by Hannah Sheehan.



It's not all about jade necklaces here at Mountain Jade. We also craft beautiful earrings, rings, bangles and bracelets for greenstone lovers to accessorize their look. If you're loved one already has a beloved pounamu necklace, but, you really want to gift them a piece of New Zealand to treasure - take a look at our accessories

Pictured below: Greenstone rings by Hannah Sheehan.

pounamu ringspounamu bangle

greenstone drop earrings

Pictured above: One of our handcrafted greenstone bangles.

Pictured above: Greenstone drop earrings


Greenstone Jewellery Sets

And finally, many of our jade carvings have been crafted to complement each other. Whether designed to be a set, or through similarities in the stone, you'll see when exploring our collections that lots of our necklaces, rings, earrings and bangles seem destined to be worn together. Perfect if you're looking for a truly special gift for greenstone lovers like ourselves!

Pictured below: Faceted Jewellery by Hannah Sheehan.

australian black jade jewellery

flower jade jewellery


 Pictured above: Flower Jade necklace and ring by Jewels of the Earth and flower jade bangle by Robert Singer

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