Our most popular Christmas gifts
03 Nov 2020

Our most popular Christmas gifts

We know it can be hard to find the perfect greenstone gift for someone near and dear. So to give you some gift-spiration, we thought we'd put together a blog to celebrate the most popular pieces that our customers love during the festive period. 

You should also check out our guide to the top 5 things to think about when buying greenstone as a gift, to help you navigate through our collection of beautiful jade necklaces and jewellery and find a truly personal and meaningful piece to gift from the heart.


Classic pounamu toki


Classic Pounamu Toki

At this time of year, one of our best selling designs is the classic pounamu toki. We believe this is because of its connection to tradition, and the symbolism embedded in its design. Pounamu toki are thought to represent strength, courage and determination, with this association linking back to when toki blades were used by Māori as a tool to construct whare (houses) and waka (canoes) - toki had to be strong, so not to break.

This year has been challenging, perhaps more so than ever, and never has it seemed more appropriate to celebrate the strength, success and bravery of friends and loved ones by gifting a toki necklace. They make meaningful gifts for men, women and children and our toki necklaces carved from New Zealand stone start from $98.00 NZD.


Classic pounamu koru 

New Zealand Greenstone Koru

The koru is one of our customer's firm favourites to send as a Christmas gift to friends and loved ones, both near and far. The koru design resembles the unfurling frond of the native New Zealand fern, and the circular shape of the koru conveys the idea of continuous movement - life's journey. The koru is regularly gifted as we move closer to the New Year as it represents life, new beginnings and hope for the future. Our New Zealand pounamu open koru design (pictured above) is one of our most popular koru, along with our New Zealand pounamu closed koru

Staying connected with friends and whanau is more important than ever, so to try and help you do so, we offer FREE shipping on all orders within New Zealand, and FREE shipping on orders over $250 NZD into Australia. We also subsidise shipping for orders heading worldwide, offering a $14.95 NZD service anywhere in the world and whatever the value of the order. Click here to see our Christmas delivery deadlines. 


You can get free shipping in New Zealand and we also ship to your friends and loved ones worldwide from only $14.95 NZD.


Greenstone accesories


Jade Bracelets and Earrings

Our most popular stocking fillers, without a doubt, are our jade corded bracelets. These bestselling pieces are carved from New Zealand pounamu and international jade, and prices start $38.00 NZD. They come in a variety of cord colours including black, brown, beige, green and red. Our corded bracelets carved from New Zealand pounamu, are subtle ways to wear greenstone every day - keeping loved ones connected to New Zealand, and to the person who gifted the bracelet. 

Our jade earrings are another popular stocking filler for your jewellery loving friends and family members. We have many different styles available including, studs, drops and fans, carved from beautiful pieces of New Zealand pounamu and international jade. Greenstone earrings are favourites of our customers to mix & match with a treasured greenstone necklace or any favourite accessories.


silver greenstone jewellery


Silver and Gold Jade Jewellery

Connect the woman you love to something beautiful this festive season, with a gift she will treasure forever. Silver and gold jewellery has always been a classic Christmas gift for women. But, we believe when silver or gold is paired with a stunning piece of greenstone, it becomes something exceptional.

Our jewellery necklace collection is popular at this time of year as partners, dads, brothers and sons are searching for something thoughtful to gift to the important women in their life. Of all our greenstone jewellery designs, we find our twists and koru matched with sterling silver and gold to be a favourite choice for women. And, if gift wrapping isn't your strongest suit, we offer this for free with every order - just tick the box at the checkout and our team will gift wrap your piece with love and care. 


We've also opted for home compostable mailers by r3pack, that are made from plants and are plastic-free, and our packaging boxes are recyclable and low ink.

 greenstone twist

New Zealand Flower Jade 

It's no wonder that one of the most beautiful stones, New Zealand flower jade, is a favourite of our customers looking for exquisite Christmas gifts. Unique to New Zealand, flower jade undergoes a unique weathering process over thousands of years while it sits in the river getting tumbled and smoothed. It is highly sought after for its stunning colourations of yellow and gold - reflecting its name, flower jade. Of all our flower jade designs, by far the most popular is our flower jade twists crafted by talented West Coast artist Luke Gardiner.


Luke's twists are renowned in New Zealand for their perfection and beauty. 


greenstone hearts


The Perfect Expression of Love

There's no easier way to express your feelings of love this festive season than with the symbolic shape of the heart - the universal symbol of love. We don't have a particular heart design that is a firm favourite with our customers - instead, we've seen that all greenstone hearts are popular gifts at this time of year. Presumably because at the core of the design are feelings of love, affection and unity. You can explore our current collection of jade hearts by clicking here.

Whatever you gift this year, whether it be a greenstone necklace, a Christmas card, or a simple hug - we hope you can celebrate the festive season with your friends and loved ones, either in person or via the many technologies that keep the world connect. 



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