Greenstone gifts for the whole family
16 Dec 2020

Greenstone gifts for the whole family

We love working with greenstone artists across New Zeland to bring together one of the largest and most diverse jade collections in Aotearoa. Whether you are looking for gifts for Mum, Dad, siblings, children, grandparents - or even a treat for yourself - we are confident that you’ll be able to find the perfect piece for the whole family. 

We've curated some of our favourite Christmas gift ideas below, or you can explore our full collection here


greenstone gifts for mum and daughters


Greenstone gifts for her

We have a beautiful collection of feminine greenstone designs that make beautiful gifts for the special women in your life. Some of our most popular gifts for women are the greenstone koru, twist and heart. With each design comes a powerful symbolic meaning from growth and new beginnings, to love and everlasting bonds - a perfect way to express your feelings. You can learn more about these design meanings here. Our pounamu necklaces also come on gold and silver chains in our jewellery collection, perfect for women who prefer something more contemporary! 


womens greenstone


Pictured above: New Zealand Flower Jade Polished Koru, New Zealand Greenstone Single Twist, New Zealand Greenstone Silver Bale Heart Pendant


Shipping is free in New Zealand, and we can ship worldwide from $14.95 no matter the value of your order.



We also have a beautiful collection of contemporary greenstone earrings, bangles and rings for jade lovers who love to accessorize and mix n match their favourite pieces of jewellery.  


greenstone earrings, greenstone bangle, greenstone ring

Pictured above: New Zealand greenstone small round drop earrings, New Zealand light jade bangle, New Zealand flower jade sterling silver ring


Greenstone gifts for him

The toki, hei matau and niho (tooth) designs are some of our most popular greenstone gifts for men. Our pounamu toki start from $98.00 and range in size to suit all chest sizes - our smaller pieces are roughly (30mm h x 20 mm w) and our larger toki reach ( 90mm h x 36 mm w). All three of these designs are steeped in Maori tradition and have powerful symbolism from strength and mana to resilience and hope - learn more here



Pictured above: New Zealand greenstone large polished toki, New Zealand pounamu hei matau with koru, New Zealand pounamu wide tooth pendant


You can buy now and pay later with ZIP!



Greenstone gifts for kids

Gifting greenstone to kids can be very emotional - a moment that will be remembered. The greenstone you gift, and the love and sentiment that goes with it, will be worn close to their heart for many years to come - always with them as they take on life's adventures. Our greenstone collection for kids includes many of our smaller size carvings that are suitable for kids to wear every day. Siblings often pass greenstone necklaces down to younger brothers and sisters, or to their future children - a beautiful way to keep the family connected!


greenstone gifts for kids

Pictured above: New Zealand pounamu curved hook necklace, New Zealand pounamu small polished heart, Canadian jade kiwi bird necklace



Greenstone gifts everyone will love

Our jade corded bracelets make perfect gifts for everyone in the family as they are subtle pieces of greenstone that can be worn every day. Our bracelets come in a variety of stone shapes and sizes, and your choice of brown, black, beige, red or green cords!


 Pictured above: New Zealand pounamu corded bracelets

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