Thank you for supporting a New Zealand treasure
05 May 2020

Thank you for supporting a New Zealand treasure

The art of carving pounamu (New Zealand greenstone) is a craft that dates back hundreds of years. For so many proud kiwis, this stone that is said to carry mana is revered and held up as a symbol of the land we live in, that we love. More than that, it's part of who we are - a physical representation of our very DNA as New Zealanders.

Wearing pounamu close to your heart is something symbolic beyond words; often a piece will carry with it the many generations who have worn it before, becoming something of a living heirloom passed on for generations.

Pounamu is known as the living stone or 'the gemstone that swims like a fish' said to have its own spirit, like a fish, and is considered taonga by Māori, which can be roughly translated as 'treasure'.


Incredibly tough times

At Mountain Jade, we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to work with - not only this extraordinary treasure - but the many, many talented, independent artists up and down the country who deliver exceptional kiwi craftsmanship, in breathing this stone into life. 

We are a longstanding family business, who've had stores here in New Zealand for over 35 years. For the first time since 1986, those stores have closed their doors to the public.

But the journey doesn't need to end there...


Sheree Warren

Pictured: Working from her family home Sheree Warren is also a tutor at Tai Poutini Polytechnic.

Sheree Warren


By supporting us, you are supporting New Zealand artists

We continue to sell the same beautiful pieces online, pieces made from locals like Hannah from Auckland, Sheree from Greymouth, Luke from Hokitika, Tim from Hawkes Bay and Tamaora from Rotorua.

We have always always held great relationship with carvers in the industry and it's these relationships that have allowed us to not only put together the largest collection of pounamu in the country, but also support these artists. Artists who've been in the industry for decades, as well as up-and-coming talents we invest in.

Put simply, with our stores closing and tourism to these shores on hold, the income and lifeblood of these artists and our own hangs in the balance.

So we stand on the brink of a defining moment. When you buy a piece from us, you are supporting the very existence of the industry and helping us to buy pieces from artists in the future and keep this craft alive, for future generations.

Tamaora Walker

Pictured: The exceptionally talented Tamaora Walker works from our Rotorua studio.


Hannah Sheehan

Pictured: One of the many independent artists we love, jade carver and silversmith Hannah Sheehan working from her Auckland home studio.

Hannah Sheehan


Gift something meaningful

As we navigate the new normal, with many retail stores closed and online store options limited, we are challenged to consider the choices we make. We ask that when you are searching for gifts, you consider buying something New Zealand made and something meaningful. We believe New Zealand pounamu is the perfect representation of those ideals as well as being something that will connect people to this land, last for generations and support talented artists during exceptionally tough times. 



Luke Gardiner

Pictured: The talented carver Luke Gardiner who works from his studio in Hokitika, that he made with his own hands.


You can find more or our artists here, or discover all of our pounamu designs in one of our many collections.


Thank you from all of us

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