Exploring the universal symbol of love
02 Apr 2020

Exploring the universal symbol of love

Symbols have a way of evoking emotion. A brief glance of a symbol and the concept it represents is evident and unmistakable, complete with all of the emotions and feelings connected to it.  

One of the most renowned and recognised of these forms is the heart - the universal symbol of love

The heart is at the very centre of romantic love, and symbolic of affection, unity and care. It is delivered millions of times every day, through social media emojis, shaped as chocolates, with hand symbols, printed on cards, inked onto the skin - and even as greenstone jewellery. To each individual, sharing the form of a heart may mean something unique, but embedded at its core are feelings of love. 

Throughout the ages

There have been many symbols of love throughout history. The ancient Greeks identified roses and doves with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. In Roman mythology, Cupid was the god of desire and affection. In China and Japan the maple leaf is well-known as an emblem of lovers. And in lyrical art and music, the harp is a recognised symbol of love. 

Yet, there is something about the simple outline of a heart that resonates as the perfect expression of love. 

Jade Heart Necklace

Pictured: One of our heart corded necklaces, a much-loved feminine design.

Since the Middle Ages, the heart has been used as a metaphor of love. Early alchemists drew hearts for love spells, Celtic sailors tied heart knots to remember loved ones, and Japanese Samurai’s indented stylized hearts of Marishiten, goddess of archers, on their helmets.

Today, love is thought to be felt by the human heart, which is widely believed to be the main force that makes people fall in love. The heart is therefore commonly used in popular culture, as a symbol of romantic love. 

Maybe it’s consistent use over the ages, and throughout the world, has cemented the heart, for all time, as the universal symbol of love.

Johnny Vroblfski Flower Jade Heart

Greenstone Hearts 

When we craft greenstone hearts, we envision them being gifted between loved ones. We hope the permanence of the design, carved into stone, embodies your thoughts, feelings and emotions in the perfect expression of love. We believe that when jade hearts get passed down through generations, they will capture the essence and the love of their previous owner and that this love will be continuously shared with future wearers. 

In essence, by carving pounamu hearts we hope to bring happiness and love to the world around us.

Amidst the challenging times we face today during the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope that the heart symbol is being shared among loved ones, more so than ever.


Jade Necklaces


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