Meet the carver - Ana Krakosky
30 Mar 2023

Meet the carver - Ana Krakosky

A designer at heart, Ana Krakosky loves to work with different materials, particularly New Zealand's treasured stone - pounamu.

With a background in design and education, mastering new techniques has always been a passion of Ana's, and she soon fell in love with jade carving after being encouraged by a friend to give it a try. She now works to create unique jade jewellery that speaks to others about the beauty in life and the world around us.


Ana Krakoksy


Understanding the value of the precious resource she's working with, Ana treats pounamu as a treasure, taking the time and care to carve each piece with the respect it deserves.



Challenged by the hardness of pounamu, Ana Krakosky loves to shape and mould the stone into pieces of jewellery she knows people will treasure for a lifetime. She takes in the world around her, absorbing the design and geometry of nature to inspire the shapes and forms that she carves and pairs with silver to create contemporary jade jewellery.


Designing with proportion and simplicity in mind, Ana tries to create pieces that brings a sense of calm and peacefulness to those that wear her jewellery





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