Get to know Hannah Sheehan
30 Mar 2023

Get to know Hannah Sheehan

Hannah Sheehan has grown up surrounded by stone and people working with raw materials. Her dad, our founder, is a jade carver, and it was in his workshop, she got her first job. She would always admire the beauty and timeless nature of the works crafted, but amongst them all, Hannah could never find a piece she felt destined to wear. Yet, she always felt drawn to the offcuts of stone, the tiny treasures left behind by carvers once they had completed their design.



Once leaving home, Hannah began her journey exploring contemporary jewellery and dreaming of ways to bring her style to greenstone. After a short stint at jewellery design school, she decided to take a different path and began a six-week night course to learn the basics of soldering. Since then, it’s been trial and error, constant play, and long-lasting advice from her family that’s shaped her jewellery to be what it is today.



Forever inspired by her surroundings, city life has played an immense role in influencing Hannah’s designs. From the creative energies of Wellington to the structural wonders of Auckland, Hannah soaks in the architecture, fashion, and pop culture of the urban environments she lives. 


Combining her inspiration from the city with a desire to create beautiful simplicity, she crafts effortless geometric shapes which are unembellished, leaving the stone to speak for itself.



Reflective of her self-taught approach, Hannah Sheehan has never wanted to design jewellery that looks perfect. Instead, she embraces her innate ability to read stone, and a level of intuitiveness, to draw beauty from the natural characters and charming imperfections of the raw material. From her small workshop in Mount Eden, it’s here Hannah puts a great measure of love and time into her handmade pieces - cutting, drilling, coring, hand-fabricating, casting, hammering, filing, grinding, and sanding to enhance their true beauty.





With a love of jade that runs deep in the family blood, Hannah brings contemporary style to a traditional craft, creating unique and powerful jewellery while making sure even the smallest of stones doesn't go unnoticed.




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