Soul and Style - West Coast Artists
05 Mar 2021

Soul and Style - West Coast Artists

When it comes to the art of carving jade, we love how different artists see different possibilities in a piece of greenstone.

Many jade artists take inspiration for their designs from nature, some from tradition and culture, and some from contemporary art and style – and it’s these inspirations, alongside exceptional craftsmanship, that transforms a piece of stone into a unique piece of jade art.

Even greenstone artists from the same region of New Zealand, such as the West Coast, have distinct carving styles! In this blog we explore the soul and style of our West Coast artists.


A piece of raw greenstone for carving


Luke Gardiner

Working from his home studio in Hokitika, Luke Gardiner draws inspiration for his greenstone necklace designs from nature. Some of his most loved work represents New Zealand flora, including greenstone pikorua, koru and ferns. He specialises in carving New Zealand flower jade - and skillfully utilises the unique gold and yellow patterns of the flower jade stone to create designs with a natural and elegant flow. 


Luke is an expert at carving smooth lines and delicate curves, creating a harmonious feminine aesthetic to his work. 


greenstone artist luke gardiner from hokitika


greenstone necklaces by nz artist luke gardiner

Pictured above (left to right): New Zealand Flower Jade Pointed Twist, New Zealand Medium Koru Necklace, New Zealand Pounamu Fern Leaf Necklace


pounamu necklace artist luke gardiner


Sheree Warren

Evaluation of the raw jade stone is of utmost importance to Sheree Warren. She patiently takes the time to understand each stones strengths and flaws and draws inspiration from its unique patterns and features. Many of Sheree's designs combine elements of tradition with aspects from her natural surroundings - creating pieces with deep meaning and symbolism.


Sheree achieves a raw and natural feel to her greenstone designs by choosing matte finishes, and her craftsmanship truly shines in her skillfully etched designs which create texture and a sense of life in the stone. 


sheree warren greenstone carver


 greenstone necklaces by sheree warren

Pictured above (left to right): New Zealand Pounamu Slender Carved Drop, New Zealand Pounamu Whale Tail Pendant, New Zealand Jade Woven Toki Necklace


sheree warren greenstone carver


Ric Moor

Ric Moor works from his Greymouth home studio creating bold and striking greenstone pendants to be worn with pride. Identifying strongly with Māori culture, Ric draws inspiration for his designs from Māori traditions and art. His carvings are larger and thicker than many other artists and he creates pieces which have a sense of permanency and importance.

Ric has worked as a jade carver for over 17-years and is now a mentor and teacher to aspiring greenstone artists such as Kyohei Noguchi.


ric moor pounamu carver west coast

 greenstone necklaces by ric moor

Pictured above (left to right): New Zealand Greenstone Koru Necklace, New Zealand Pounamu Large Disc, New Zealand Pounamu Closed Koru Necklace


The similarities between Ric and Kyohei's work is evident, but as Kyohei learns and grows as an artist you can see elements of his own Japanese heritage emerging into his designs. 


jade artists west coast kyohei noguchi

 pounamu necklaces by kyohei noguchi

Pictured above (left to right): New Zealand Pounamu Disc Necklace, New Zealand Greenstone Single Twist, New Zealand Pounamu Lashed Drop Necklace.


ric moor and kyohei noguchi pounamu carvers on the west coast


Robert Singer

Based in Hokitika, Robert Singer is one of New Zealand's finest greenstone bangle artists. He creates contemporary and classic greenstone bangles which are one-of-a-kind statement pieces - and truly timeless in beauty. 


Robert Singer jade artist west coast


greenstone bangles by robert singer

Pictured above (left toright): New Zealand Greenstone Bangle (73mm)New Zealand Jade Matte Finished Contemporary Bangle (66mm).


Johnny Vroblfski

A ‘true blue Coaster’, Johnny Vroblfski has spent his life exploring the West Coast of the South Island. Johnny is known for his exceptional craftsmanship and artisan skill, creating pieces with perfect line accuracy, balance and harmony.


Johnny's work is delicate and dainty, perfect for those looking for a subtle but beautiful taonga to wear close to their heart, everyday. 


Johnny Vroblfski jade artist on the west coast

 greenstone necklaces by Johnny vroblfski

Pictured above (left to right): New Zealand Greenstone Heart Pendant, New Zealand Flower Jade Large Single Infinity Necklace, New Zealand Pounamu Disc Necklace.


Johnny Vroblfski pounamu artist


Other West Coast Artists 

We also work alongside other artists from the West Coast include Aden Hoglund, Garry Fairbrother and Jayme Andersen - who also bring their own style and soul to carving greenstone necklaces and jewellery


west coast jade artists



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