Bringing together gemstones that promote balance and harmony
10 Feb 2021

Bringing together gemstones that promote balance and harmony

In a forever chaotic world, it has never been more essential to promote balance and harmony. This is where we draw inspiration for our new gemstone collection. 

Through elegant handcrafted jewellery design, John Sheehan Junior has gracefully paired together gemstones that complement each other - creating an exquisite collection of four necklaces which bring calming natural energy to the wearer.


Purple amethyst and blue apatite gemstone necklace with nephrite jade and gold clasp


While jade promotes healing and well-being and carries the wholesome energy of the earth and nature. Amethyst, apatite, labradorite and smoky quartz bring their own powerful and nurturing properties to soothe the heart and soul. 

This decadently colourful collection of gemstone necklaces are an exciting and harmonious new way to wear jade.


Purple Amethyst

The calming purple amethyst gem is a variety of quartz crystal and is one of the most associated gemstones with crystal healing. Much of amethyst's meaning is centred around soothing the mind and protecting oneself from troubling thoughts, poor sleep and negativity. 

For many centuries amethyst has been believed to bring emotional balance and clear thought while supporting the third eye and crown chakra to boost energy and intuition. 


Canadian Jade and Purple Amethyst Gemstone Gold Plated Necklace


Amethyst ranges in colour from the lightest of lavenders to the darkest of violets. Wearing purple amethyst is thought to support harmonious connections with the world around you, increase inner-strength and spiritually protect against negative energy. 

Pictured above: Canadian Jade and Amethyst Gemstone Gold Plated Necklace. Price $298.00 NZD. 


Raw purple amethyst gemstone

Pictured above: Raw purple anethyst stone


Blue Apatite

Blue apatite is a mineral that supports a very high level of consciousness and is said to clear away confusion and negativity through physical, psychological and spiritual balance. Peace and clarity are derived from blue apatite, providing the tranquility needed to deep dive into one's self and reflect upon the heart's true desires. 

Wearing blue apatite is also thought to enhance mental strength, stimulate your intellect and open the mind to insight and inspiration. 


Canadian Jade and Blue Apatite Gemstone Gold Plated Beaded Necklace


Apatite is found in a variety of colours around the world including greens, yellows, pinks, greys and browns - but we love the how the shades of pale translucent blues compliment our most loved stone, jade.

Blue apatite is not a well-known gemstone, and it is softer than most other gems used for jewellery. However, it is possible to make a truly beautiful piece of jewellery if you take the time and care to select the perfect piece. 

Pictured above: Canadian Jade and Apatite Gemstone Gold Plated Necklace. Price $298.00 NZD. 



Labradorite is said to have an aura that protects the wearer, enveloping them in energy that brings a sense of new possibilities. Some believe that labradorite connects the physical and heavenly world, bringing dreams closer to reality and new possibilities within reach.

It is also thought that labradorite helps you do the conscious, focused work, needed to achieve these dreams.

 Canadian Jade and Labradorite Gemstone Gold Plated Beaded Necklace


Labradorite is a variety of feldspar, and once the grey raw stone is cut, it reveals a glowing white-ish grey radiance reflective of the stars in the night sky. 

Pictured above: Canadian Jade and Labradorite Gemstone Gold Plated Necklace. Price $298.00 NZD. 


Raw labradorite gemstone

Pictured above: Raw labradorite stone.


Smoky Quartz

The smoky quartz crystal is a powerful grounding stone that brings balance to the wearer, allowing them to draw positivity into their life. It is thought to have powerful cleansing and detoxing effects that can heal emotional wounds and clear negative energies from your surroundings, by grounding them into the earth.

Smoky quartz helps people move on from difficult situations and remove thoughts and feelings that do not serve a positive purpose in their life. 

Canadian Jade and Quartz Gemstone Gold Plated Necklace


Pictured above: Canadian Jade and Quartz Gemstone Gold Plated NecklacePrice $298.00 NZD. 


A treasure for life's journey

This collection was designed by New Zealand artist John Sheehan Junior and was crafted in India by specialist gemstone cutters. John wanted to combine gemstones from around the world with beautiful pieces of his favourite stone, jade. The collection was created to bring balance and harmony to your everyday life, through the power and wholesomeness of gemstones. 

We believe this will be a treasured piece of jewellery for you on life's journey. 

Whether you wear one as a stunning statement necklace, stack several to supercharge your energy, or even transform them into bracelets or anklets - we hope they connect you to something beautiful, and powerful. 


Gemstone necklaces, gemstone bracelet, gemstone anklet

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