Forever Connected

Forever Connected

From the tides of Poutini on the West Coast of Te Waipounamu, your piece has been waiting for you. The journey your pounamu has been on has passed through many hands with care and aroha.

This is more than a gift, this is a piece of Aotearoa - it is part of us.

Millions of years in the making.

Pounamu is the Māori name for greenstone or New Zealand jade. It is found only in New Zealand's South Island, which is why the island is also known as Te Waipounamu, meaning “the greenstone waters”.

Over millions of years, our jade has formed. It is rare and offers incredible variety in colours, patterns and textures. Forged deep under our mountains and concealed in our rivers, pounamu is treasured for its strength, beauty and connection to the Māori spiritual world. There are two stories of the origin of pounamu, one being Māori legend and the tale of a taniwha named Poutini - the guardian of pounamu, and the second being the story of mother nature and her incredible power.

Filled with meaning and significance, pounamu is gifted between loved ones as a way of staying forever connected to Aotearoa.

Passed through many hands with care and aroha.

Every piece we carve in our studio is made by hand using diamond-tipped tools and abrasives to cut and shape the stone. There is no mass production, which makes every piece we carve unique. While modern tools allow carving jade to become more efficient, it remains an intensely meticulous and exacting art form. Our artists appreciate the rarity and value of the stone they are working with and take extreme care when carving greenstone, dedicating time, patience, and love to their art.

It's a responsibility they take very seriously, as they know what they are caving will last forever.

The stories we carve.

Bound by meaningful connections to their craft, our artists work with purpose and intention, carving stories into every piece of pounamu. They draw inspiration from everything in the world surrounding them, building ideas from their life’s journey and knowledge as carvers, guided by the unique features of each stone, and considering what their designs will one day mean to someone else.

Remember, the value is not just in the stone but in the work, skills and knowledge it took to create the taonga and the stories it holds. 

Every piece has a story.

As pounamu is gifted and passed down through generations, it will increase in mana (prestige), and carry with it rich histories, stories, and the mauri (life force or spirit) of previous wearers.

As artists, we listen, learn, and grow as we shape each taonga and make it our responsibility to capture a true sentiment and story that will last forever.


The love that binds us.

The Twist connects the spirit of friendship, family and loved ones. A symbol of always being with one another regardless of where your journey takes you.

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The strength we share.

Once a tool wielded by Māori, when worn around the neck, the Toki represents courage.

With courage comes strength and power.

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Koru (Spiral)

The times we cherish.

In the form of a young fern, the Koru connects us to new beginnings, hope for the future, and the good that will follow.

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Stay forever connected to New Zealand, your story and the people you love.

Safe guarding our taonga

Safe guarding our taonga

New Zealand is the only country that does not mine for jade. In New Zealand, pounamu is fossicked in riverbeds and glacial valleys. The South Island tribe of Ngāi Tahu are kaitiaki of pounamu and ensure any raw stone is sustainably and ethically sourced to make sure our taonga is safeguarded for future generations.