The Significance of Jade for Chinese New Year
16 Feb 2017

The Significance of Jade for Chinese New Year

We often talk about the significance jade has within Māori culture. It ties people to the land and their ancestors, and helps creates meaningful connections with families, traditions and cultures.

However, one of the reasons we love jade so much is because it also holds such an importance with different cultures around the world, one of which is Chinese.

An important time in the Chinese calendar and a tradition that is still strong within their culture today is Chinese New Year, with this year being the year of the dog. Jade is a popular gift and item throughout this time, as it is said to promote hope, luck and also signifies new beginnings.

Chinese New Year - Lunar Dog

People will wear jade throughout the Chinese New Year period to ward off bad luck and promote good fortune. It's an auspicious stone that brings people comfort and hope as they enter the new year. It is also believed that jade prevents illness, and enhances positivity with its wearer. Pairing this with the 2018 Lunar New Year, wearing jade is thought to renew strength and encourages a healthy good start to the year ahead.

Chinese New Year Jade Design

Some popular designs for the Chinese new year have more simple, rounded shapes, encased in precious metals. The stone type that is the most sought after is a bright luminous green, with a clear colour the whole way through. Although we don't have many of these pieces on our website, you can get in touch if you'd like to enquire about them.

Jade beads

We love celebrating the cultures around jade and the Chinese culture has held it in high regard for centuries, making their connection and bond to the stone a strong one linked with traditions and history.

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