New year, new beginnings
27 Dec 2019

New year, new beginnings

New Year allows us the opportunity to pause. It’s a timely occasion for both reflection, and for looking forward.

For each of us the year gone - and the anticipation of the coming year - will evoke feelings. For some of us, those feelings will be thanks, gratitude and love. For others, tougher times will call for strength and hope. We will each almost certainly have felt the significance of others in our life - friends, family or loved ones - each of those also beginning a new year, with new journeys of their own.




We’ve put together five reasons why a connection with pounamu holds meaning and significance, as we head into the new year.


1. Hope and a new start

When we explore the meanings of our designs, it is the koru that is said to represent new beginnings. It’s no surprise then, that we herald this design as the embodiment of hope and a new start.

In this blog (The effortless form of the koru), we reference the design and the idea of a continuation of all things - that even in life’s most difficult moments, something new can be happening, something magical to anticipate.

For anyone taking hold of the new year as a moment for hope and for new things, holding the koru close to you is a permanent reminder that change comes for those who seek it.

Pounamu Koru, hope

Pictured: One of our koru corded necklaces.

Gold bale pounamu koru designs

Gold is said to be associated with courage. Pictured here is one our gold bale koru necklaces, bringing together courage and new beginnings.

2. Friendship and love

Whether you are looking to gift pounamu to a friend, or are choosing to wear a piece to remember a loved one, there can be little doubt that greenstone carries with it the embodiment of those meaningful connections. The twist or pikoura symbolises the connection between two people, while the heart is the iconic symbol of love.

However, when it comes to love or friendship, there really is no limit to the design that should be given or worn. A piece that draws you to feel connected to that person is what matters.

Pounamu gifts, love and friendship

Pictured: One of our heart designs

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3. Life's significant moments

There are key moments of significance in all of our lives. As our children grow up, they have their first day at school or make the leap to intermediate / high school. Others will reach the coming of age where they step into adulthood, or go to university.

For some of us, we will get married or say goodbye.

Significant moments call for significant declarations and true beauty of pounamu is that it holds value that can be treasured for generations. A gift may be passed on, passed down or given in the knowledge that it will last well beyond our time here. And so it can carry this story, and other stories yet to come, with it... onwards.

Pieces for strength and good luck

Pictured: One of our toki necklaces.

4. Strength, good luck and courage

There are always times when we need to feel the support of others, or when our own inner strength will benefit from the enhancement of something that has it’s own mana (strength).

Our hei matau or hook and our toki designs are associated with strength. These pieces are universally worn by women and men, and come in small designs appropriate for kids too. 


5. Reconnecting with home

We believe jade brings you closer to home. Whether you are overseas and missing home, or wanting to reconnect with your roots, wearing greenstone is the perfect way to take a piece of New Zealand with you always. Wearing a physical part of the very earth, close to your heart.

Connecting with New Zealand

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