Choosing a Mountain Jade Koru
24 Nov 2016

Choosing a Mountain Jade Koru

With so many design and stone variants, choosing the right piece of greenstone jewellery for yourself or loved ones can be a challenge.

We believe that the stone picks you, whether for spiritual reasons or aesthetic ones – there's a piece for everyone.

Each piece of greenstone we stock online or in one of our stores is hand carved by an expert, whether in one of our workshops or by talented carvers in their own studios. The care and precision taken is a testament to the special meaning the stone has to each carver, and their respect to the meanings associated with their designs.

Lady wearing koru jade necklace

The koru is a symbol that has a variety of meanings all around the world. Specifically in Maori belief it is a symbol for new life, growth, strength and peace. Wearing a koru around ones neck embodies this symbolic significance.

At Mountain Jade we have a plethora of greenstone koru designs, each unique in their craft, design, colour or stone origin. Its a favourite design for some of our carvers and also happens to be our symbol of choice to embody Mountain Jade and what we stand for.

Different greensstone koru designs

With Christmas creeping up, the koru symbol is a great piece to gift to loved ones. Most being unisex in design and with a meaning relevent to all, they encourage balance in their simplicity. If you're after a more complicated piece signifying the same meaning or motif, there are also a variety of variations in stone and design that can be chosen for a point of difference (as pictured above). Our talented artists carve these korus traditionally, as well as adding their own unique design elements depending on what the stone dictates.

From black Australian and New Zealand flower jade, to Siberian and Chinese greenstone, we believe in sourcing the best quality stones from around the globe. Each origin comes with its own significance and unique, distinctive qualities – only adding to the koru symbolism and each pieces uniqueness.

Mens Koru necklace

We wish to combine cultures though craftsmanship, stone and motif and provide pieces of the highest quality greenstone jewellery in the process.

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